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Our bank details (Payments & Donations)

Our bank details for booking deposit payments are:


Please note that the Want2Stay website is powered by and the property of Want2Stay Pty[Ltd]. Our national call centre phone number is 011 568 0243. 

[Attention: As from 1 June 2021 to 1 October 2021 all booking fees will be dropped in an effort, during Covid, to help Hosts recovering their businesses and getting the tourism industry back on track. Our service during this period will be 100% free for all Hosts and Guests. Donations to our team will be appreciated.]


First National Bank

Account Name: Want2Stay

Account Number: 62859419460 - Current Account

Universal Branch code: 250 655 

Reference: W2S + [Your #BookingCode]

Notification to: accounts@want2stay.com



Very Important:

  1. If you're paying for a booking, please remember to use your #Booking Code as reference, this can be found in your Inbox Messages or your emails that we have sent you.
  2. Also important; stick to the first 10% payment to get your listing activated. The 90% balance you need to pay directly into the account of accommodation owner / host.
  3. Email Proof of Payment to accounts@want2stay.com


Paypal: To request our Paypal services as payment option please email our accounts department at accounts@want2stay.com - Please note PayPal requires addtional 5% payment fees which you then need to add to your payment. 


Team: Want2Stay

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