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How to avoid scams


The booking of self-catering vacation accommodation and renting of private holiday homes are often far more affordable, comfortable and private. However, travel scams and booking fraud can hide in plain sight and quickly turn planning a fun vacation into a financial nightmare. It’s important to be vigilant 

The below tips are not the beginning or the end, but worth keeping it in mind:

1) Use vacation marketing companies like www.want2stay.com and www.southernstaying.co.za that only transfer payments to hosts once the booked stay is completed. It remains the best form of secured bookings.

2) Watch out for webpages and social media pages with very little or no activity or that is freshly created.

3) Gmail email accounts are often used in scams.

4) Lack in description and photos not matching up are often reason to be careful.

5) If the banking details are in the name of a company it is usually a good sign.

6) If the banking details are that of a private person make sure the account name and name of your host is the same.

7) The moment you receive the host’s contact details search his or her information on social media and the world wide web.

8) Don’t pay in cash, rather do an electronic transfer.

9) There are lots of scams on credit card payments. Avoid paying a private person with a credit card and only use credit cards with companies that are established.

10)When in doubt ask questions. Trust your inner voice. Ask us at want2Stay, your friend in accommodation. 


At Want2Stay we will always do our utmost to screen hosts and to cross-check information provided by hosts. 


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