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Self Catering and Non Self Catering Accommodation differences

The difference between Self-catering and Non-selfcatering accommodation 

So many people ask us what is the difference between Self Catering and Non Self Catering accommodation? What can they expect? Many ask the question because holiday accommodation owners did not meet their expectations.

Self catering units have their own private kitchen for quests to prepare their meals in their own time. Non self catering units do not have a kitchen and guests will either eat at the establishment's restaurant or at restaurants close by.

By contrast, a self catering apartment/room might have a small "galley kitchen" - for example a fridge, a hob or cooker, or microwave, some basic kitchenware - plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, a sink suitable for washing up, and so on. The self catering facility can be in the room/apartment itself, or a communal shared kitchen facility for all visitors. A galley kitchen isn't large, it fits in the corner of an ordinary hotel room. Holiday homes typically offers larger kitchen facilities.

Never expect any groceries or sugar, coffee, milk, bottled water etc when you book a self-catering facility. Also make sure of bedding requirements as self-catering accommodation owners often give guests the option to bring their own bedding or to pay extra for bedding if required. Since the start of Covid many guests prefer to bring their own bedding. It is something one can fully understand and that may result in a discount too.

Our best tip is that guests properly read the information provided in a vacation listing website post. Never expect more and always ask if you are in doubt.

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