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 Guidelines for Applications


Guidelines for Applications:

A) Value for money.

In an effort to maintain a good return (enquiries / bookings) on investment (subscription) we may limit the number of properties in certain areas or categories. As such, any decision to decline an application may be for this reason only.

B) In fairness to our loyal users.

Our slogan states that persons searching for accommodation on Want2Stay will "deal directly with the owners / establishment".

Therefore, persons in any way associated with the organisations listed below (or similar organisations) may NOT register SELF CATERING properties on Want2Stay:

    1. Holiday Letting Agents, Reservation Agencies or Estate Agents (or their relatives).
    2. Tourism / Travel Bureaus.
    3. Body Corporate, Developers or Management who let out flats on behalf of owners.
    4. All enquiries or bookings are required to be entertained by the OWNER / ESTABLISHMENT and may not be forwarded on to any persons / organisations listed above.
    5. Want2Stay subscribers may not let out properties on behalf of other private individuals (friends, family or other).
    6. Property owners who own more than one unit (within a 10km radius) and let them out on a short term basis are required to advertise all properties in that area.
    7. Hotels and Holiday Resorts with in-house reservations facilities are welcome to register (non-commission earning facilities).

Special Conditions:

  1. Ownership of an ENTIRE multi-unit complex, apartment block, resort or hotel only requires a single listing.
  2. Contravention of these rules can cause the relevant property / properties to be deleted from this website without refund.
  3. We also reserve the right to cancel any existing subscriptions related to public complaints or advertisements that do not comply with our policies or strategies.
  4. All design elements and website construction / composition are influenced by our marketing strategies. We are not obliged to alter these elements for any reason. The header section (all pages) and side areas (some pages) can be used for promotional advertisements relating to Want2Stay.
  5. Properties should be available for occupation throughout the year (no timeshare or properties only offering seasonal availability).
  6. Properties that are up for sale will be required to display (on the advertisement, in the rates and in the sub-heading) the following wording "This property is on the market and will only accept bookings 3 months in advance".
  7. We offer no pro-rata refunds if properties are closed, sold or withdrawn from Want2Stay during the subscription period.

C) E-mail correspondence:

We like to keep our members in the loop with updates and news. Please note that by becoming a member of Want2Stay you agree to receive such correspondence from Want2Stay.

We do not share our member email details with any third parties.


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