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How to Block / Reserve dates

How to Block and or Reserve dates

1. Log into your Want2Stay account.

2. Click on "My Listings".

3. Select the particular listing by clicking on the Pencil button. 

4. Once the listing is open, click on "Calendar" in the top horizontal bar. The calendar will open up. 

5. Find the 1st date of the period that you would like to block / reserve and click on it only once, do not double click. 

6. Then find the last date of the period that your would like to block and click on it only once. The "Reserved" display will now open. 

7. Add a text note if you want to [like for example the reason why you block the dates] - and click on "Reserve Period". 

8. Done! If you would like to automate the process by synchronizing calendars with iCal links like Nightsbridge, Airbnb and more then please click here for more information ->  https://want2stay.com/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=18


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