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Pre-rental Property Inspection Checklist For Landlords


It is in the interest of all parties that Landlords ensure that their premises are in a more than good condition. The success of any rental depends on the quality of the accommodation, marketing and superior service. It is important that Tenants should feel comfortable in their temporary home, and that they are receiving value for their money. It follows therefore that a well presented and maintained property in a good decorative order will go towards this, whilst also achieving a higher rental figure. Tenants are also more inclined to treat such a property with greater respect.
It is the duty of the landlord to check and maintain the premises. Southern Staying will do its utmost to assist, but we can never take the place of the owners. To assist landlords in preparing their premises for rental Southern Staying provides a checklist. However, this is not an exhaustive list. Landlords are invited to add to this list according to their own needs.


1. Unit must be completely free of trash and all dust including closets, baseboards and cabinet.

2. All closets and cabinets as well as the property must be cleared of all the landlord’s personal belongings.

3. All window coverings must be straightened, washed, cleaned and dusted or replaced.

4. All bathrooms and kitchens must be thoroughly caulked and cleaned including behind commode.

5. All mildew must be addressed and cleared.

6. All walls must be cleaned.

7. Fireplaces must be cleaned out and dust free.

8. Patios, balconies and storage closets must be swept and free from debris and trash.

9. All doorstoppers must work.

10. Appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, washed, and sanitized, including drip pans and knobs and dishes.

11. Light and plug switches must be replaced if cracked or stained.

12. At least 60 watt bulbs in light fittings. All must be in working order. Spares must be available on the premises.

13. Any painting must be cleaned up thoroughly and consistent.

14. The place must be vacuumed thoroughly when you leave.

15. All locks and doorknobs must be in excellent working order.

16. At least one window per room must work and blinds must be left down and in the open position.

17. All light covers must be cleaned.

18. Ceiling fan blades must be cleaned and dusted, both sides.

19. The top of the refrigerator and stove must be spotless.

20. No stains should remain in the refrigerator or on porcelain in the bath. Use porcelain white out or bleach.

21. Baseboards must be washed and free of dirt and dust.

22. All drawers must be in good working order and clean.

23. Check all keys and notify landlord if any do not work.

24. Check all appliances and air conditioners.

25. Lawn, garden, and hedges must be trimmed, cut, and cleaned thoroughly.

26. Wallpaper must be washed, cleaned, and re-glued or replaced in a professional manner.

27. All bugs must be removed and cleaned from the unit.

28. All vinyl and tiled floors need to be mopped, waxed, and cleaned, including underneath cabinets. Do not wax over dirt.

29. "For Lease" sign must be in front of yard, close to sidewalk and sideways to home.

30. Plug in deodorizers are to be used in the make ready.

31. All pilot lights should be on or gas turned off to fixture.

32. Sinks to be cleaned (bleached if necessary), and garbage disposal tested and free from blockage.

33. Storage closets are to be swept, cleaned, checked for working lock and key.

34. All mirrors and windows should be cleaned inside and out.

35. All trash is not to be left, but removed to a dumpsite.

36. Open all sink cabinets, and clean out all areas below.

37. Clean doors and door frames around them, including fingerprints, dust, etc.

38. Check the working condition of the STOVE and OVEN.

39. Check the working condition of the REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER.

40. Check the working condition of the DISPOSAL.

41. Check the working condition of the WASHER/DRYER.

42. Check the working condition of the AIR CONDITIONER.

43. Check the working condition of the HEATER.

44. Check the working condition of the HOT WATER HEATER.

45. Check the working condition of all SINKS and PIPES FOR LEAKS.

46. Check the working condition of the GARAGE DOOR OPENERS.

47. Check the working condition of all WINDOW AND DOOR LOCKS.

48. Check the working condition of TV and SOUND EQUIPMENT.

49. Ensure that all beds are stable and that mattresses are of good quality. Single beds are often not in good condition so please ensure this is also checked and that it is clean under and behind the beds.

50. There should be two pillows and one duvet for every person staying over at the premises. Do not include the covers as tenants will be required to bring their own pillow cases and duvet covers. Replace this at least once a year or as needed, but continue to check it after every change in tenants.

51. Ensure that there is enough storage place.

52. Ensure that the beds, chairs, cutlery etc are catering for the number of persons the unit is advertised to accommodate.

53. Leave the guest book on a table in the dining room.

54. Leave the inventory on a table in the dining room.

55. Leave an emergency telephone list on a table in the dining room.

56. Make sure a no smoking sign is prominently displayed.

57. Make sure a no animals sign is prominently displayed.

58. Make arrangements for a welcoming package. Discuss this with the Southern Staying letting agent.

59. Ensure that toilet paper is available on the premises at the time of arrival.

60. Ensure that candles and candle holders are prominently placed.

61. Check the alarm system and codes.

62. Ensure that all municipal service bills are paid.

Please keep the content of the dwelling to the minimum while still addressing the needs of the tenants and making sure they are comfortable.

Discuss this list and the inventory with your letting agent.
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